Featured WINTER 2019 wineries



Chevalier De Bayard

Duca D'Amalfi


FENn Valley winery



Pinot Grigio


42 Ice Wine



Genna Di Luna


Farmers of Wine



Super Tuscan



Touche Rose


Rosé Bubbles

Watermelon Rose Spritz

Black Cherry Rose Spritz

Pineapple Rose Spritz



Making Waves Albarino

Take Me Away Rose

Diva Sangiovese

Outdoor Vino Sunset Sweet

Outdoor Vino Syrah

Orgasmic Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon

Orgasmic Wine Co. Tempranillo

Fugly Sweater Cabernet Sauvignon

Sleigh The Day White Blend



Cricova Sweet Moscato

Cricova Magnific

Cricova Ornament Kagor Pastoral

Secco+ Pink Guava Taste

Cricova Cabernet Sauvignon

Cricova Rose



Reserve Vignoles


Farmhouse White



Wisconsin Robin White Wine

White Pelican White Wine

Trumpeter Swan White Wine

Marechal Foch Red Wine


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At PRP Wine International we offer our clients access to high quality wines typically not sold anywhere else in the United States. We believe in bringing our exclusive wines directly to you from many of the world's top wine regions and producers. 


  • Duca D'Amalfi

  • French Grenache Chevalier de Bayard Wine

90+ Cellars

It all started in the spring of 2009. Armed with a copy of the latest Wine Spectator, founder Kevin Mehra set out on a mission to bring higher quality wine to the market for a better price. He started calling wineries with a history of high ratings to ask if they had wine for sale. Some told him to get lost, but in the end, he found a handful of wineries that liked his concept. The plan was simple: we put their wine behind our label, and sell it for less.


  • 90+ Cellars

  • Lila Wines

  • Mija Sangria

Opolo Vineyards

Opolo’s estate vineyards were established from 1994-1996, with sites on both the west and east side of Paso Robles. The topographically diverse, coastal landscape of the westside vineyards provides for an intense and unique flavor profile.  Home to a wide range of varietals, the estate vineyards help allow the team at Opolo to create many unique single varietals as well as award winning blends. Opolo’s vineyard team carefully monitors each lot of grapes throughout the season in order to produce the highest quality fruit possible. 


  • Mountain Zinfandel

  • Summit Zinfandel

  • Cabernet

  • Grand Rouge (Rhone Blend)

  • Rose

  • Flirtations Moscato

  • Albarino


Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is one of the world’s largest wine companies, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Everything we do is dedicated to realising our vision of becoming the world’s most celebrated wine company.


  • Sterling Chardonnay Aluminum bottle (375ml)

  • Sterling Rose Aluminum bottle (375ml)

  • Main & Vine Blood Orange Mango spritzer can (250ml)

  • Main & Vine Pink Grapefruit spritzer can (250ml)

  • Matua Sauvignon Blanc (750ml)

  • 19 Crimes Uprising "Rum Barrel Aged" Red Blend (750ml)

  • Cavaliere d'Oro Prosecco (750ml)


Fenn Valley Vineyards is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery complex established in 1973. Our goal has always been to produce world-class wines from grapes grown along the shore of Lake Michigan.


  • Fenn Valley Wines



SOCIAL Sparkling Wine Co. is a female founded Chicago startup that is quickly spreading across the country! SOCIAL's mission is to create the most health conscious alcohol to empower people to live vibrant connected lives! All organic, only 88 calories, and made from superfoods. 


  • SOCIAL Hibiscus Cucumber

  • SOCIAL Toasted Coconut Almond

  • SOCIAL Pink Grapefruit Ginger

  • SOCIAL Elderflower Apple

  • SOCIAL Strawberry Rose

Vineyard brands

As we are a “family” owned enterprise by virtue of our ESOP, we have chosen to represent only family-owned wineries. We have a wealth of experience representing both small producers and large volume brands. We represent over 60 wineries from the major wine-growing regions throughout the world. Our portfolio includes some of the best wines available from Argentina, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Italy and France, including over 25 growers of estate-bottled wines in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chablis, the Rhône, the Loire Valley, Alsace and Southern France.


  • Chateau Miraval Rose


VIN312 Winery is an urban/craft winery located in Chicago, IL. The “urban winery” concept is one that started in California where new winemakers started bringing high quality grapes from select vineyards into an urban area with the goal of creating distinct wines to share with their customers. The terminology of “urban” can also be expressed as “craft” or “boutique”. VIN312 offers a unique experience for local customers to learn about wine and share time, experiences, and a conversation with their guests. One of our goals and purposes is sharing. This is part of everything we do. Wine has always been a vehicle for sharing. 


  • VIN312 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

  • VIN312 2016 Super Tuscan

  • VIN312 2017 Viognier

  • VIN312 2016 Touché Rose

Tabor Hill Winery

Moersch Hospitality Group thrives on cultivating sustainable ingredients and relationships. We understand the difference between a good time and a lasting impression, and we are dedicated to making each moment better than the last.


  • Tabor Hill Demi Sec

  • Tabor Hill Demi Red

  • Tabor Hill Cherry

  • Tabor Hill Cherry Moscato

Enovation brands

While Enovation Brands looks towards the future, its roots are firmly planted in tradition. Enovation Brands overlays its forward motion with a bit of Old World insight, which is most evident in its commitment to never compromise on quality. From supplier, to partners in the vineyards, to each and every individual in the Enovation family, Enovation Brands is dedicated to delivering a consistently superb product at an excellent value. The company presents the same products that it is proud to serve to its families and friends on its tables every day. Enovation Brands presents these products in distinctive, eye-catching packaging that wins consumers over at point of sale and is confident knowing that the quality of the wine inside will create a brand loyalist.


  • Voga Pinot Grigio

  • Voga Prosecco

  • Gemma Di Luna Pinot Grigio

  • Luna Di Luna Merlot/Cabernet

  • Luna Di Luna Pinot Grigio/Chardonnay

  • Voga Rosa

oliver wINERY

We're not afraid to have our heads in the clouds. You could even say dreaming big is what Oliver Winery does best. What started as a hobby back in the 1960s, has grown Oliver Winery into an employee-owned company and one of the largest wineries east of the Mississippi. Oliver is a world-class destination, ranked among Travel + Leisure's top 25 wineries to visit in the U.S. in 2017. In 2018, Wine Business Monthly named Oliver one of the top 50 wineries in the U.S. As we grow, our philosophy remains the same. We believe that all styles of wine deserve the highest craft and respect. We make our top-rated wines in the gentlest way possible, and each one of them share one common characteristic: fruit-forward taste.


  • Cherry Moscato

  • Blueberry Moscato

  • Porch Swing Reserve Red


WX has curated a unique portfolio of proprietary brands that are sold across the United States and in select countries around the world. We believe successful brands should over-deliver on quality for the money; be uniquely differentiated from the competition by their quality, benefits and packaging; and create an engaging and enduring relationship with consumers.


  • Bread & Butter Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Bread & Butter Chardonnay

  • Whiplash Red Blend

  • Whiplash Zinfandel

  • Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise

  • Chronic Cellars Pink PRedals

Rosé bubbles

California is home. We didn't need to travel to France to create our Rosé Bubbles because the best wine in the world is right in our backyard. Our Rosé wine is sourced from the voluptuous grapes of beautiful northern California. To achieve our flavors we've used real fruit, the kind you see at the farmer's market. Fresh and unaltered. A touch of bubbles were added with care- just enough to be refreshing, delightful, and leave you coming back for more. Enjoy each sip and welcome to Pink Ocean.


  • Rosé Bubbles RTD Rosè Spritz (5% abv)

  • Strawberry

  • Watermelon

  • Pineapple

  • Orange

Mesh and Bone LLC


  • Mesh & Bone Arraku

  • Mesh & Bone Shochu

  • Mesh & Bone Cider Pomme & Poire

  • Mesh & Bone Pamplemousse Cider

  • Mesh & Bone Sotol

Boedecker Cellars

Guided by both tradition and science, Boedecker Cellars practices natural, traditional methods; minimal intervention is the word, hands off combined with attention to detail is their way. Everything they do is literally by hand, from harvesting, sorting, stirring and filling barrels. Lab analysis is done by nose; smell. Fermenting with native yeasts from the vineyard highlights the characteristics of each vineyard, bringing every aspect of terroir into their wine.


  • Pinot Blanc

  • Rose

  • Pinot Nior